Who Are We

The Asset Label Company specialises in Marking, Tagging & Tracking of Fixed Assets through the use of Barcode Technologies & Scanning & Mobility Solutions

Our Mission

To provide Fixed Asset Labeling, Marking and Tagging Services


To be the regional hub of excellence in securing organisations’ and individuals’ assets using up to date technologies by 2020.

Our history

The Asset Label Company (Pvt) Ltd is a company incorporated in the Republic of Zimbabwe. It is an Authorised Franchise of The Asset Label Company SA. The Asset Label Company is a dedicated Asset Label Supplier, Fixed Asset Management, Fixed Asset Tracking, Electronic Tagging and Traceability Solutions of its kind in Zimbabwe. Since this is all we supply and do, we really know our stuff and we are able to deliver anywhere in Zimbabwe and the Region quicker, and guaranteed we will always get it right the first time.

We truly understand the importance of your Fixed Asset Labeling and Marking Program and we go to great lengths to ensure our quality and reputation exceeds your expectation. In turn, more and more customers realize that we offer a truly unique proposition, which in turn offer tremendous value to their businesses.Our Clients are in the following vertical market segments:

Computer Rental Companies
Financing Houses
Public Service Sector
Quasi Government Bodies
Equipment Manufacturers and Resellers  Educational Institutions, Schools, Colleges and Universities
Individuals  And almost any industry and or organisation that has enough Assets that need managing and controlling

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